Yvelines. Saint-Germain-en-Laye iXblue and the Pavillon de la Muette benefit from the France Relance plan

Two sites in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines) are included in the France Relance plan: the company iXblue and the Pavillon de la Muette.

It is one of the flagships of thefrench industry. The society iXblue should receive nearly € 800,000 under the plan France Relaunch.

High tech company

Installed at the entrance of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines) on the old site of the” Iron and steel research institute (Irsid) since September 2016, it is a globally recognized high-tech company.

It specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced autonomous, marine and photonic technologies.

“The group’s internal expertise includes innovative systems and solutions dedicated to inertial navigation, underwater positioning, underwater imagery, as well as shipbuilding and testing and simulation facilities” , we say at iXblue.

An inertial unit is an instrument made up of several gyroscopes.

Civil and military sector

The equipment it develops is intended for the maritime and land sectors, both civil, military and space.

The promoters of the France Relance plan specify that “the fiber optic inertial navigation systems developed by iXblue will notably equip the future defense and intervention frigates of the French Navy. “

But what will the € 800,000 of this subsidy be used for?

Manufacture of a new, more compact gyroscope

“The company wishes to increase its industrial capacities necessary for the manufacture of new innovative inertial navigation systems for the strategic space field, and more particularly for New Space,” add the plan holders. The new production line must be installed within an already existing technical platform and it requires the purchase of new industrial equipment. “

When asked about the implementation of this new production line, the iXblue company remains very discreet, highlighting the “strategic aspect” of production.

“These are systems that go on satellites. There is a new gyroscope which will be more compact. “

The launch of this project should lead the company to create 15 jobs.

The Pavillon de la Muette located in the forest

Another Saint-German site should benefit from State money as part of the heritage component of France Relance: The Pavilion of la Muette. Located in the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, it should count on state support to the tune of € 412,000.

Abandoned, it had been bought from the National Forestry Office (ONF) by an individual in 2014. Since then, the latter has worked tirelessly to return to this site, classified as a Historic Monument, everything its splendor and be able to open it to the public.

To this end, he had launched a major renovation project still in progress.

Launch the second phase of its renovation

The money allocated by the State will thus be used to carry out the second phase of its project.

During the first phase of renovation, the owner had tackled, among other things, the roof, the repair of the ceiling on the ground floor and the 44 doors and windows.

Kitchens like at the Petit Trianon

Former hunting lodge, built for Louis XV by the king’s first architect, Ange-Jacques Gabriel, the Pavillon de la Muette has many treasures: a huge octagonal living room of nearly 90 square meters under a 7-meter ceiling, its hunting officers’ room or its vast semi-open kitchens. – buried similar to those of Little Trianon.

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