Yvelines. Saint-Germain-en-Laye: it launches the first European program of well-being nutrition based on biology

With 1Food1Me, Camille Corman, domiciled in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), proposes to “gain in energy and in shape”.

Today we know all the good or all the harm that our eating habits can cause on our body and on our well-being. Camille Corman, a resident of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), has decided to devote itself to this equation to offer a completely new service.

With 1Food1Me, to start-up Created in 2018, it is launching the first European personalized nutrition and well-being program based on biology.

“I have always been aware of aging well”

His inspiration came from his seven years at United States during which she acquired a strong experience in the American food market and in the digital scene and health of San Francisco.

“I have always been aware of aging well and diet plays a key role. It has always interested me to know how to put food on my side and on the side of my children, to feel better. ”

Camille Corma, founder of 1Food1Me

“Getting the most from your diet”

The Saint-Germanoise immediately states that the objective of her approach is not to lose weight, but to “gain in energy and in shape”.

“What this service brings today is not a diet program. It’s really a program that teaches you how to get the most out of your diet to feel great, to gain energy, to sleep better, etc. ”

It all starts with a biological assessment

The first step of this program is to take stock of its current state.

For this, the customer performs a biology report (blood and urine) in a partner laboratory which will allow evaluation of any nutritional deficits or excess by taking into account “18 biomarkers ».

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In the second step, this data, supplemented by information on lifestyle and eating habits, is digested by a algorithm who will develop a personalized program to achieve the objectives defined upstream by the client.

A 3-month program

Then it remains only to follow the recommendations provided.

For 3 months, the client receives each week one or more proposals for changes with nutritional advice but also shopping lists and customizable menus.

“A nutritional consultation with a health professional is carried out by videoconference at the start of the course. Everything is designed to help implement change. “

A final step, offered as an option, may consist of carrying out a check-up by repeating the same test as at the start of the course in order to see the improvements.

The 3-month program, excluding the control report, is offered at a price of 350 euros. The one including it is billed at 539 euros.

The website offers a free personalized nutrition test to discover the service.

For 3 months, the client receives one or more change proposals every week.
For 3 months, the client receives one or more change proposals every week.


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