Yvelines. Covid-19: the mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye takes stock of the health of his municipality


–>For Arnaud Péricard, the mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), certain measures such as the obligation to wear a mask in the city center have enabled the town to experience a “rather contained” situation today.

For Arnaud Péricard, the mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), certain measures such as the obligation to wear a mask in the city center have enabled the town to experience a “rather contained” situation today. (© Philippe Roudeillat / 78actu)

During the period of confinement linked to the pandemic of Covid-19, Arnaud Pericard, the mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), had spoken almost daily to his fellow citizens via a Facebook live to keep them informed of developments in the situation sanitary in the town. Tuesday, October 6, the latter decided to resume service.

“Les Yvelines, a good student of Ile-de-France”

“There have been measures today in Paris and the inner suburbs and therefore inevitably, indirectly, we ask ourselves the question on our territory of what our situation is, he explained in the introduction. . Already, the first good news is that we are not concerned in the Yvelines. We are in the alert zone, we are not in the scarlet red zone and our bars and restaurants can continue to open. And the restrictions that there are currently on Parisian gatherings have not yet been extended to the departments of the outer suburbs of which we are part. Les Yvelines is a department which, in Ile-de-France for the moment, is one of the best students. So much the better and it must last. And this can only continue through the collective effort that we are all making together. “

“17 hospitalized patients including 6 in intensive care”

The mayor then set about making a general point on the health situation, indicating that on October 6, thehospital accommodated 17 people linked to Covid-19 in a service whose capacity is currently 20 beds.

The number of patients in intensive care seems to vary between 6 and 7.

“No deprogramming of operations at Saint-Germain hospital”

“At the height of the crisis, we went up to 116 hospital beds,” said Arnaud Péricard. The 80 to 90 other beds allow us to keep all hospitalizations for scheduled operations. This is very important, because a certain number of patients need to have access to care and to date, there are no plans to deprogram operations at the Saint-Germain hospital. “

For the mayor, this “rather contained” situation is explained by the “collective discipline that is ours” and the measures taken such as making it compulsory to wear a mask in the city center.

“Low number of class closures”

During his speech, the elected representative also welcomed the “low number” of class closures in a city with nearly 22,000 students.

The rant against a marriage without a mask

The councilor also took advantage of this exchange with the Saint-Germanois to insist on the need to continue the collective effort while pushing a “rant” in the face of certain behaviors.

“We had a wedding last Saturday at the large church of Saint-Germain with 400 or 500 people who were not from Saint-Germain and who did not put on the mask. It’s not acceptable. I would not like this kind of action to penalize all the efforts made by the inhabitants of our city to make this health perimeter as secure as it can be … With the national and municipal police we insisted on the pedagogy today. If ever tomorrow a situation like this were to repeat itself, I would not hesitate to request an emergency verbalization. “

Outdoor events maintained

Regarding the various events, the mayor recalled that all those outdoors had and would be maintained such as the current Street-art festival, the clean forest operation scheduled for Saturday 10 October or the photo exhibition organized next week at Porcaro Square on 50 years of PSG.

A point was also made on the situation in the nursing homes of the municipality hard hit during the first wave of Covid-19.

No death recorded in nursing homes

“Protocols have been put in place in most Ehpad and, to this day I find that they are well respected because I do not have, contrary to what I had during the confinement and the first part of the deconfinement, an increase in deaths. “

By way of conclusion, Arnaud Péricard launched a general call for vigilance while inviting his fellow citizens not to “stop living, going to restaurants, to bars in our city. You can do this by respecting the barrier gestures and respecting the wearing of a mask. “

Finally, the city councilor indicated that measures would soon be announced to support the businesses of Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

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