Yvan Attal, an expert in New York on Canal +

Between Broadway and Wall Street, the actor and director rewinds his ideal filmography.

He looks like one of those little Sempé characters lost between buildings, crunching their noses in the air. Yvan Attal walks along the Hudson, drives a yellow cab, talks about his passion for New York and the masterpieces that have been shot there. He discovered them, between 8 and 13 years old, locked up whole afternoons in dark rooms. “Just by arriving here, one has the impression of being the main actor of a great film”, he assures, facing the Statue of Liberty, in the documentary entitled Cinema by… Yvan Attal, broadcast at the end of his film, My stupid dog.

Here he is, speeding down Lexington Avenue. His analyzes are sometimes lacking in spirit. Yvan Attal meets actor Griffin Dunne (to whom Scorsese had forbidden all sexual relations during the filming of’After Hours so that he expresses the desire).

From Lumet to Coppola

Then listen to Jack Garfein. A veteran of the Actors Studio, he remembers his rehearsals with James Dean. Her life hasn’t always been good. “When I arrived in New York, I was coming out of the camps, I weighed 22 kg.” The actor cries, so do we. He died shortly after the documentary was filmed in December 2019.

Bright, sincere, Charlotte Gainsbourg gives us back a smile. She doesn’t let her husband’s director do it: “I don’t understand why you are so hard and nervous with me when you lead me.Opposite, Attal flounders a little.

It must not have been easy for director Stéphane Bergounioux to insert his own images of the city between those of Sidney Lumet and Francis Ford Coppola. But the one to whom we owe the documentary To the fullest with Depardieu is doing very well. This film makes you want to stroll on Broadway, proud like Al Pacino. This is, without a doubt, the magic of cinema …



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