Yutabon, a boy revolutionary, is the adopted child of a professional luxury lalayer !? Papa’s reaction to Yutabon who tweets “Hiroyuki-san !!

On February 5th, Mr. Pro Lareya, who is a professional of being treated, is looking for a son for adoption on Twitter.
Yutabon, a boy revolutionary who once declared “I will become a professional luxury layer!”

Reference article:
Professional Lareya is looking for a son for adoption!Yutabon and Hiroyuki react

After that, Mr. Pro Osamu quoted Yutabon’s tweet,

Yutabon, will you adopt me?

and tweeted.And towards Yutabon Papa

To @Yutabon Papa
Give me a Yutabon!

I was tweeting with.

Yutabon’s dad in the story of Yutabon adoption…?

Yutabon’s dad quoted a tweet from Mr.

this is. . .

And make a confused tweet.
Also, for Yutabon, who immediately tweeted “Hiroyuki-san !! Please buy me” like a professional son

Stop getting involved with Hiroyuki

As soon as I was tweeting.

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