Yunho Yunho, who released a teaser ahead of their comeback, is upset about a line of lyrics

Singer Yunho Yunho released a teaser video ahead of her comeback, and a line of lyrics gathered a lot of attention.

On the 14th, the teaser video of Yunho’s second mini album’NOIR’ was released on TVXQ’s official SNS channel. Some of Yunho’s new songs were also revealed.

In the released video, Yunho Yoo sang a song, and at the end, the lyrics of’The Truth of Life’ appeared. Among netizens, the lyrics attracted attention. This is because’the truth of life’ is Yunho’s most well-known meme.


Yunho Yunho, who appeared on KBS2’s’Happy Together 3’in the past, presented a freestyle rap with the lyrics, “H-Yujin is really handsome and has a good rap and is perfect from head to toe. That’s Perfect. That’s the truth of life.” .


This scene became a joke among fans and remained a black history for Yunho. Yunho Yunho also directly selected this meme as his black history.

On the other hand, netizens who watched the teaser showed reactions such as “It’s really cool”, “It’s great. I think people like me will be trauma for a lifetime”, “I’m really cool”, “It’s amazing”, “I sublimated ridicule into style”.

Yunho Yunho’s mini album will be released on the 18th.

The following YouTube’TVXQ!’


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