Yui explains the reason for having to cheat on the “husband” in the second world | Siam Rath

The opening of the first week is really exciting and fiery for the second world episode of Club Friday The Series, produced by CHANGE 2018 with a strong social response that can be a confirmation of the drama as well as Yui’s acting skills. Chiranun Manoem in the role of a parade and a challenging role change The strongest in life! That the fans only saw the first scene, all said it was delicious. Along with the question of the table fans submitting the mic Asked the heroine, a talented person Yui Why the family is so good to be “unfaithful”

Yui Chiranan revealed that having taken the role of Pan, felt very awake because for This second world It is a love drama that is based on real life, and more importantly, Yui has taken over the role of the owner of this story One thing that can be felt from the feeling of guilt, but it cannot be retrieved from the past. In addition to moving forward to do the best forward, but it is one of the clues in life that one does not know if the relationship in the family is right !! Love is one must have. But the physical relationship is What confirms that we are still in love But when a family is imperfect because of a lack of physical care To the fullest, however, when an event makes a poor marriage, the turning point causes infidelity, it is easy to enter. Anyway, please follow the second world as well.

Is this work so as to maintain the mind in honesty or not to be unfaithful to meet the needs of oneself within? Follow and watch at the same time in CLUB FRIDAY THE SERIES, the second world episode, Friday, January 15, at 8:30 p.m. on Channel ONE31.

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