Yoyo Boing asks for prayer for his health | Stage

The Puerto Rican radio host and comedian, Luis Antonio Rivera ‘Yoyo Boing’, asked – this afternoon – the people of Puerto Rico to join in prayer for his health.

Last Monday, in the early hours of the morning, and when trying to get out of bed, he began to notice that something strange was happening with his body. To such an extent that I couldn’t feel my legs.

According to him, preliminarily, it could have been a heart attack.

“The truth is that, right now, I cannot speak as before … I do it with great difficulty, because the left side of my body is paralyzed,” said the 90-year-old artist, who thanked the samples of affection and thousands of messages received since the news broke this afternoon.

“Also, I want to thank my entire family, my partner, Mitzy González, and, of course, the entire work group at the Hospital del Maestro, in Hato Rey. Also, to my extended family, from WIPR, who have behaved with me in an exceptional way ”, she highlighted.

As soon as this next Tuesday, and after undergoing a battery of medical tests, Yoyo Boing will have to return to his cardiologist’s office to read them.

“Up to now, all the tests have been negative. You just have to wait for those who are still pending. With therapy, this will be fixed ”, he ended by saying, appointing reporter Omar Matos as the official spokesman for the family to address the situation with the media.

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