Youtuber Turah Parthayana opens his voice about sexual harassment

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Students from Indonesia in Russia who are also known as YouTubers, Turah parthayana open his voice about the case of alleged sexual harassment that dragged his name.

In the video uploaded to his YouTube account, Turah denied JA’s initial chronology, which said that he was the one who invited JA to watch horror films.

“Chronology one, from JA said I was the one who invited you to watch first. Even though I already had a chat dm (direct message) from JA, he invite me first. I think we are each other invite. I’m not the one desperate, “he said in the video, quoted on Sunday (10/8).

This alleged harassment previously surfaced to the public after the chairman of the Arkhangelsk City Indonesian Student Association (PPI), Sandi Saputra, made a thread via his Twitter account (@ Sandi_sa119) on Wednesday (5/8) night. Sandi claimed to be the victim’s representative, and claimed to have various cases of evidence of Turah’s harassment against other Indonesian students with the initials JA.

He said the chronology from the JA side could not be justified because according to him there was no evidence.

“Because we have no evidence there, that’s the problem. But those of you who have heard the chronology on Twitter, and I have absolutely no clarification, I feel that I am being cornered again,” he said.

In addition, he also questioned Sandi’s submission of this case, which was considered provocative, because he only conveyed the views of one party.

“Supposedly if it was to publish this incident, it should have acted as an intermediary. It seems that the delivery was very provoking to make me feel guilty about this, others have not yet been heard, and create statement on twitter, “he said.

Turah further said that he could not deny all the chronologies of the cases submitted by JA.

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“Because you’ve heard on Twitter two days ago, and I’m just clarifying now. It’s better if I have the bottom line, if I already have evidence, I’ll show it to you so you understand what happened,” he said.

Regardless of the chronology, Turah said, when the mediation was carried out, the matter had been resolved and he had already received several consequences.

“I have received the consequences, like being expelled from Indonesian Day, being told to move floors so that it is not the same as JA,” he said.

“The problem that was witnessed by Permira Tomsk has been resolved. It means that JA and I will not bring up the matter again. However, in August this issue was raised again by a third party with the support of JA,” he said.


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