Youtuber Shopaholicadel had an accident! She set out on the snowy road on summer tires

Adéla Pulcová alias Shopaholicadel had a car accident. According to the video, which began to spread on the Internet, she drove the car into a ditch. Because of the snow, he and his partner were unable to make a turn and got stuck. But they had no idea that they were driving on summer tires all winter. Adel blamed the whole incident on the car dealer. “It was about our lives,” Adéla shouted at him. At the same time, she also lacked other mandatory equipment in the car, including a triangle. The police described what the driver could face as punishment.

Shopaholicadel experienced a real drama on the way to Bílina. In one of the villages that he and his friend Davča were driving through, they did not turn a corner and their car ended up stuck in a ditch. The whole incident came to light in the video on social media and started spreading across the internet. The YouTuber was very shaken by the situation, luckily the locals came to her aid. “You don’t want to make tea or coffee,” the witnesses of the traffic accident asked a distraught Adela.

Davča quickly took advantage of their willingness. “Don’t you have a car at home? And don’t you have a triangle in it?” Davida wondered. The young woman in the video responded horrified to Davč’s question that perhaps every vehicle should have a triangle. However, after a while, the shaken influencer regained all the attention, whom everyone began to console. “The important thing is that Áďa is fine and that the car is fine,” summed up David. Fortunately, he was able to take a breather, the car was pulled out by the rope not long after.

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However, the missing triangle wasn’t the only flaw in the influencer’s car. The famous couple found themselves driving on summer tires all winter, much to the dismay of Shopaholics. “Can you tell me what kind of tires you gave me? I almost crashed because of you. These are not winter tires at all,” the YouTuber called the car dealership where she bought the car. The worst thing is that I have the car on installments, that’s why I couldn’t change the tires,” Adéla Pulcová explained to the curious.

“I have in my contract that I have to handle all repairs with the bazaar,” the influencer explained to the woman who helped her. However, she explained to Adel that the car still has to be replaced every winter, adding that changing the tires is not a repair of the vehicle. “Now to pay for new tires,” sighed Adel. Fortunately, the YouTuber remembered that she still had the number for the head of the bazaar in question.

“Don’t be mad at me, but I’m going to be pretty nasty. What kind of tires are these? They’re not winter tires, but summer tires. I almost crashed because of you. You want to blame our wrecker, I’ll change those tires immediately,” said the YouTuber . “This is about life,” Adéla shouted into the phone for the last time. At the same time, she could face some of the penalties for not meeting the mandatory car equipment.

“If the driver he drives into a section where the law states that he must have winter tires, so he faces a fine. But if he has an accident in one of the municipalities where there is no legal obligation, it depends, for example, on the conditions of the insurance company, whether they will provide compensation to the driver in the event of an accident,” explained police spokesman Pavel Truxa.

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“If a driver has summer tires, he can receive a fine of two thousand crowns, at the administrative office even up to two and a half thousand crowns. However, a worse situation occurs with tires that have a pattern smaller than 1.6 mm. about a technically unfit vehicle. The driver would then face a fine of five to ten thousand crowns and the loss of five points or a six-month driving ban,” traffic expert Roman Budský explained to

“Furthermore, the insurance company could partially or completely reduce the payment if the driver had accident insurance. It could even want to enforce the payment if a connection between the wearing of the car’s shoes and the occurrence of a traffic accident was proven. For the missing triangle, the driver could face a fine of up to two thousand crowns,” added Budský.

Accidents like the one experienced by Shopaholicadel are not rare in winter and, like Adel’s, they usually go without police intervention. “When it snows, there are clouds of accidents, it depends on the weather. Drivers stuck in the snow often deal with it by simply being pulled out and driving on, so it doesn’t even register,” said a Truxa police spokesman.

Check out the romantic engagement of Shopaholic and Davči in the mall:

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