Youtube: Save with the annual subscription for Premium and Music Premium

When taking out an annual subscription, YouTube Premium users can save up to 36 euros this week.

Youtube is offering premium subscribers the opportunity to save for a limited time. Until January 23, 2022, customers can also take out an annual subscription for the two services YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium instead of the conventional monthly subscription. The price for twelve months is much lower than if users bought the twelve months individually.

Save up to 36 euros

The annual subscription for

Youtube Music Premium
costs only EUR 89.99 for an annual subscription instead of EUR 119.98 for a twelve-month individual subscription. Twelve months

Youtube Premium
cost 107.99 instead of 143.88 euros. For YouTube Premium, this results in savings of around 36 euros. With YouTube Music Premium, annual subscribers save around 30 euros.

Annual subscription conditions

However, YouTube has some conditions for the conclusion of the annual subscription. Anyone who is already a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium customer cannot switch directly to an annual subscription. The offer is only valid for users who do not yet have a subscription. As a workaround, however, existing customers can cancel their current monthly subscription and take out the annual subscription immediately afterwards. Furthermore, the annual subscription is currently only a time-limited promotion. After twelve months, the annual subscription ends automatically. In the meantime, users can only hope for the permanent introduction of an annual subscription model for YouTube.

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The promotion is valid in Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, India and Japan and is not applicable to student and family tariffs. The annual subscription for Youtube Music Premium and Youtube Premium cannot be shared with other users.

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