YouTube Music’s latest downloads tailor more precisely to your listening preferences

For once, no advanced algorithms and smart AI.

Anyone who has ever fallen into the hell of the TikTok algorithm knows how frighteningly good it is at it in just a few hours (some might say even minutes is enough) to determine what you probably like about videos looks at Before you know it, a quiet enthusiasm creeps in that you actually get what you at least tend to like. Instagram is also quite good at this – although, at least apparently, not quite as aggressively. YouTube, on the other hand, has a certain history of “oh you’ve watched xyz once, look here: 5000 videos on xyz”. That’s why I’m now very cautious about consuming videos, which aren’t actually my primary areas of interest.

However, these are all recommendations from algorithm-based analyzes and only include partial content of videos that can also be found thematically in others, or comparisons with other users.

The same applies to YouTube Music (and certainly the other streaming providers): if you like EDM, then electronic music in general will be presented to you more often and also loaded into Smart Downloads from YouTube Music, which you can then listen to on the go without using mobile data. A corresponding feature has been integrated into YouTube Music for ages.

They have now added another feature that automatically adds the most recent 200 songs that have been streamed to the downloads:

For titles that are stored on the device and do not rely on the device’s data connection for playback, these are now added to the other downloaded content. Especially for the fast playback of the downloads (YouTube Music offers an option for this by pressing and holding the app icon in the launcher or on the home screen), the titles that you basically streamed most recently will now appear more often.

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