Youth With You 3, strong trend, Liang Son, top form, catches Lisa’s eyes until the word of mouth. Let’s go to practice dancing too.

From Youth With You 3 (Youth with You 3) Variety shows find China’s most famous rookie idols. It began broadcasting on February 17, the past its popularity continues to soar as the response to the male trainees’ response to this talent Character is clearly pronounced as Produce Pandas With a plus size figure like a bear And individual shows that impress the audience and mentors to compliment each other

Recently, Episode 2 (broadcast on Saturday, February 20), all trainees performed for the first time. One of the trainees Liang Sen Appeared with a distinctive look Eye-catching bald head Lisa tMentor of our Thai blood dance. Until he couldn’t help asking Create laughter for everyone in the studio and keep the casting atmosphere from being too stressful. Liang Sen Also shows off his Latin dance skills Which is very fluid and natural

until Lisa Asks for help to teach dance And resulted in him receiving an A grade from this show Liang Sen Won many Latin dance contests since childhood. He debuted as an actor at the age of 19 and starred in a number of well-known Chinese dramas including Operation Hell Hunt (The City of Chaos)

Liang Sen, watch the clip at

Youth With You 3 This season, under the supervision of Producer (Youth PD) Chris Lee (CHRIS LEE) Considered that there is a problem that the stone for the trainee enough Because grades are divided into A, B, and C three more levels, no D and F grades like last season. The trainees who did not receive the first third grade were placed in the N class rookie. The first A-grade trainees on the show this season were Wei Hongyu An R&B and soul music creator who can compose music. Good at playing guitar and piano after the show Ronghao Li Mentor in music That he was able to imitate his voice so great that he saw himself singing on stage. So far, only 6 out of 118 trainees have received an A grade, which Lisa reveals that a trainee deserving of an A must. Really excellence in singing and dancing

Wei Hongyu, watch the clip at:

Another rising star trainee from Youth With You 3 To watch include Luo Yizhou (actress) Because we have each other (With You) An adapted story from the COVID-19 incident in China. X (X) The participants of the “Street Dance of China” competitionYu Jingtian or Tony Finalist Produce X 101 19th place Kachine Rap duo in SING OUT, Jiangsu TV New Year concert, “The Master of Evil” concert and R1SE tour.

Yu Jingtian or Tony, watch the clip at:

Luo Yizhou, watch the clip at:

This is just a part of the audience to keep tabs on how these mentors and trainees interact next. Watch and vote to encourage your favorite trainees at Youth With You 3 (Youth with You 3) New episodes every Thursday and Saturday at 7:00 PM.

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