Youth for Climate takes to the streets of A Coruña to ask for a change in the energy model

Youth for the climate called for a mobilization this Friday, September 23rdstarting at 12:00, at the Elviña Campus in A Coruña, to ask for a change in the energy system “that brings energy closer to people and helps tackle the climate crisis”. In addition, the platform also plans to hold a march in the Plaza del Obelisco starting at 10pm.

The “critical” situation of the energy system, eThe general increase in the prices of energy and consumer goods as well as institutional “inaction” are some of the main reasons for the youth climate movement this Friday will ask for “a change of model”.

In this sense, the platform claims that this new model focuses “on the promotion of collective self-consumptionenergy communities and energy efficiency “.

During this rally you will also claim the construction of alternatives with the aim of “fighting an energy policy” which, according to the complaint, “presupposes the reproduction of a centralized model managed by energy oligopoly“.

In fact, Youth for Climate denounces that the latter “was the responsible for the climatic situation in which we find ourselves“, of which the institutions” are also guilty “of” betting on new infrastructures to import more gas “.

Despite the current situation “does not affect all people equally”for while the effects are “devastating” for people in vulnerable situations, they are “bearable for those in charge”.

For all these reasons, the Youth for Climate platform will hold mobilizations this Friday in various parts of the Spanish and Galician geography, such as Vigo and Santiago de Compostela.

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