Youssef El-Sharif: Nobody understood the “end” idea, and Yasser Sami was the most suitable to direct it

The star Youssef Al-Sharif said: “The idea of ​​presenting a science fiction series was not arranged for it, and it was coincidental, since recently I used to read and research to know where the human being arrived in technology and communications, in addition to some of my ideological information, especially that we all have a visualization of the form of life In the future, hence the idea to present a science fiction series after a hundred years. “

Al-Sharif continued, during his meeting on the program “Evening.” dmc“Broadcast on a channel dmcMedia presentation Ramy Radwan: “The first person to whom I presented the idea was Anja Alaa, my wife and designer of the series, and I was terrified upon hearing the idea, but she wondered with surprise how that idea would be implemented, and when I started explaining it, I started to be convinced, and then I presented it to the production company represented in Hussam Shawky. He was also terrified at first, but soon he was convinced and said what is preventing us from presenting this idea, and the topic has become a great challenge for him, and I cannot ignore the role of the author of the series, because the idea is the great structure of the topic, which is from the fact that the rest and made a great effort, in addition to the director Yasser Sami What we have decided upon is because science fiction is its region that it can provide professionally. “


Youssef Al-Sharif added: “After settling on the idea, I started reading a lot about the signs of the Day of Resurrection, and about the Antichrist, and by the way the story is inspired by that period and it is not told about it, then it is certain that the Antichrist will appear and will start deluding everyone with his false revelations, and the biggest lie will be the resurrection of the dead How will the dead survive, and I found the idea of ​​a robot that can verify this lie, and then we decided to make the series, and our thought was to present it in a correct way, so any imagination that is presented must be linked to two things science fiction and artistic fiction, so the scientist must have an origin in reality similar to Expectations. As for the technician, we must return to the technical references, and all the technical references dealt with the future area in a specific way. For example, all of them agreed on the presence of the Drones for security checks and the form of clothes. “

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