“You’re from XX… ”’Rumor’ that made Lee Jia the most difficult (video)

Actor Lee Ji-ah, who is popular as SBS’s’Penthouse’ Shim Su-ryun, has been refocused on the past’Healing Camp’ appearances.

Recently, on YouTube, the video of Ji-ah Lee, who appeared as a guest on SBS’Healing Camp-Isn’t You Happy’ in 2014 is becoming a hot topic again.

At the time, Ji-ah Lee abandoned the mysticism he had adhered to and focused the attention of viewers with honest answers to all questions and curiosities related to him.

SBS’Healing Camp’

In the broadcast, Lee Ji-ah said, “My name has been on the top of real-time search terms for a while while appearing in MBC’Taewangsasingi’. I became famous, but I did not see anyone who knows about me or did not turn a picture of my past. I think.”

He said, “Because there was not much information about me, there were a lot of rumors at the time. Transgender, etc.” He said, “The one that hurt me the most was’the idea of ​​being from an entertainment business.'”

Lee Ji-ah said, “It was really hurt when the person who was closest to me listened to other people and began to see me differently,” said Lee Jia.

With Lee Ji-a, who has successfully recovered as a’penthouse’ after a difficult time, netizens praised his guts such as “It’s nice to be active again”, “Heavenly Actor”, “Shim Soo-ryun Fighting”.

YouTube,’SBS NOW / SBS Official Channel’

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