Your variant appears, this is the way to prevent the corona virus that you must do

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. There are many ways to prevent the Corona Virus that you need to remember. Not only do you keep your distance from other people and keep your hands clean, you also have to wear a mask.

The delta variant of the Corona virus is more easily transmitted. So that you avoid infection with the virus, try to always wear a mask, even if you have received an injection of the Covid-19 vaccine. Especially if you are in a public place with a high risk of Corona Virus transmission.

Quote from Eatthis.comThe number of delta variant Corona Virus in the nasopharynx of people who have been vaccinated is 1000 times more than the previous virus variant. This shows that wearing a mask is an important health protocol to do.

Not only outdoors, you also need to wear a mask during the Corona Virus pandemic when you are indoors. Especially if you gather with people who are susceptible to being infected with Covid-19.

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Quoting from, some of the groups that are more at risk of being infected with the Corona Virus are the elderly, people with conditions of a fatty immune system, and children who have not been vaccinated. In addition to protecting yourself, wearing a mask can also prevent the transmission of the Corona Virus that comes from your body.

Although you can still be infected, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the Covid-19 vaccine, right? Getting a vaccine shot will make your body more protected. Even when infected with the Corona Virus, the vaccine will reduce the risk of death and the severity of the disease.

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Not only vaccinations and wearing masks, you also need to carry out other health protocols in a disciplined manner. Make sure not to engage in activities outside the home that result in you meeting a lot of people.

If you are forced to do this, try to always keep your distance. Choose the type of mask and wear it according to applicable health standards. Don’t forget to always keep your hands clean by washing them with soap and running water or using hand sanitizer.

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