Your PlayStation 5 is not going to listen to you. For real!

The headline almost makes you suspect that your console will soon lead a life of AI anarchy, but rest assured, that’s not what this item is about. What is it about then? Well, on voice chat, especially the option to report bulky cows with their dirty talk to Sony. Wait, let me explain this.

In case you didn’t know, Sony is going with the PlayStation 5 its users may care about to report antisocial people. Because something like this can quickly turn into a yes-no story, your console will record the last five minutes of a voice chat each time. You can ultimately send 40 seconds of that to Sony. In these 40 seconds you get 10 seconds to add an intro to your clip, 20 seconds to play the offensive dialogue and another 10 seconds to finalize your complaint.

“…What do you have?…”

PlayStation 5

Now this policy already raises a few questions for many players, because who the sexual intercourse gives Sony the right to tinker a little ?! Well… nobody, because Sony has indicated after some serious feedback that the PlayStation is not actively listening to the whole thing. It is ultimately up to the user to share audio with Sony. On the other hand, it is true that the function cannot be turned off, which is a shame.

We do not yet know exactly how the fork sticks in the stem. Will this function only record party chat (of which you know who is camping in the club) or will this be extended to in-game chat audio (in which you cannot really pinpoint who just performed his vulgar vocabulary)? Maybe Sony can explain it in a 40 second clip.

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