‘Your Eyes Tell that touch .. never forget’ a movie that will make you experience the word ‘true love’ again.

A romantic Japanese love movie that will make you appreciate the pure love. And come back to experience again the feeling of “loving a person with all your heart” that it is With beautiful background music, composing and production of “Jungkook”, the youngest of “BTS”.

An unexpected accident costs Akari’s parents. And vision

Rui, the distant kickboxing athlete, will lose the future Because of the mistakes made in the past

Two lonely people Loneliness met each other and fell in love.

Bringing the light back to their lives again

But their meeting was not a happy coincidence. Because they don’t realize that

Fate had brought them together before in a brutal accident.

And fate is about to make them lose one more time.

The second wave of ‘COVID-19’ returns has resulted in a record low in new movies coming to theaters in early 2021. But small numbers don’t mean quality. And the likeness that is less too Like the movie ‘Your Eyes Tell. Touch it .. I’ll never forget it.’ This is a romantic love movie from Japan that may make you shed tears of appreciation unconsciously.

‘Your Eyes Tell. Touch it .. I’ll never forget it.’ That are being screened in theaters at this time as a directing work of ‘Takahiro Miki’ Thai movie buffs may have seen some of his works in the movie Tomorrow I Will Date with Yesterday’s You.

As for the leading stars, the hottest young actors like Yuriko Yoshitaka A beautiful and talented idol who won a rookie award from the Yokohama Film Festival as a guarantee.


hero Ryusei Yokohama It had the ‘Yahoo! Search Award 2019’, the Person of the Year award. And the award of the person who is most searched on the Internet is a guarantee of hot, but Ryuse is not just portable. But he still comes with a hundredth of dedication Agree to gain up to 10kg and train hard to become a kickboxing athlete. Suitable for the role

As for the realism of boxing, do not worry. Because Ryuse was a world champion athlete “Kyukushin Karate” was in high school, and that is the main reason director Takahiro Miki said, “Ryusei is best suited to play a hero, a kickboxing athlete.”

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Synopsis of ‘Your Eyes Tell. Touch it .. Never Forget.’ There is that ‘Rui’, a talented former kickboxer who fled from being a debt dealer for the mafia gang. And living as a Humber for days while working, he met ‘Akari’, a blind young woman who has a cheerful disposition despite many tragedies. Both lost sight and parents from an accident several years ago

Since the day we met Akari also stopped by to see Rui every day. And brought Rui from the sad world into the bright side of life As the hearts of the two become closer A secret Ruik discovers the truth that he has done unforgivable mistakes. There was only one way to make up for that mistake, was that he had to pay and bet on it with life.

  • The most challenging role in an actor’s life

Yuriko Yoshitaka as Akari, a young working woman who lost her sight from an accident So she prepared by talking. And learn the real life of the visually impaired From cooking and make-up, I also learned a massage until I mastered it.

Before filming, she tried using a walking stick. And try to close your eyes and cook to understand the feeling And the physical limitations of the characters to be the best But the hardest thing is talking to the other person without looking into the other person’s eyes. Which she has to train hard

Akari’s character is bright on the outside. But in his heart he never forgave himself for the cause of that accident. Yuriko had to use her acting talent to convey the complexity of feelings. And smiled like sadness Which is a very remarkable work



  • Strong, fierce but fragile

In addition to fighting ability (Former World High School Karate Champion) Director Takahiro Miki also chose Ryusei Yokohama as Rui, for the reason that he is an actor who can express emotions through his expressions.

Rui was a sober character. His life was full of pressure. And many social disadvantages The actor’s facial expressions are therefore an important factor in completing the character. Because he had to show the audience the conflicts of the mind And sadness through the body And facial expressions This is a challenge that this young actor has to face.

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“What Ryusei is very attractive is his ability to express himself. Which is suitable for the role of the characters that hide their feelings within And I think it has to complete the final scene.

The battle scene I watched a video when he won a karate tournament. You can see that he is a man who has a very active body. His athleticism impressed me. Because besides being an amazing actor This chapter also needed someone with a strong body. So Ryuzei was my first choice for this role. Because the fight scene is a show Actors must be able to fight in a non-collective battle like the audience must believe. And even if he doesn’t have any kickboxing basics But when we try to get him to act, he can do it in 5 minutes, so we’re sure he’ll make the fight scenes fun. ”

It’s not enough Ryusei who is extremely busy because of being hot. There is no job except a day. But he found time to exercise Train your figure with discipline Then came the filming with a 10kg gain and a real kickboxing athletic figure.


  • ‘BTS’ composed – performed the theme song for the first time.

Another interesting feature of ‘Your Eyes Tell’ movie is that it has the world famous boy band ‘BTS’ (BTS) composing and singing the theme song. This is the first time that a BTS group has made the soundtrack of a movie ever.

Jungkook (BTS’s maknae) wrote this song after reading the script. And watch the movie scenes “


The film crew said they wanted a slow song that matched the theme of the movie. It is very difficult for a foreign artist to write a song that matches the story they want, but fortunately, South Korean band BTS. I have released a Japanese album since 2014 and I am planning to make an album in Japanese. When the staff sent the script to The band agreed and sent samples of several songs.

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But the song that the Japanese staff are very excited about and love is “Your Eyes Tell” written by BTS’s maknae Jungkook. It was a powerful ballad that was much better than the staff expected. Director Takahiro liked the song so much that it was put into the movie. (Which scene will have to win) instead of just using the end credits like normal soundtracks

In the part of the music for the film The director tapped Japanese artist mio-sotido, with whom he previously worked. Because he wanted a soundtrack that wasn’t too much based on the movie. But with a reasonable distance And will help make the movie more complete

“The film has a complex mood. So I asked her to make a simple song. She communicates honestly and mio-sotido offers her very own original soundtrack. It’s simple, but it helps to drive the intensity of the mood in the film. ”


  • A movie that makes every sense of the senses

Akari, the heroine of the story, has an accident and has lost her sight. But director Takahiro Miki doesn’t show her just as an invisible person. But try to make the audience feel Akari’s inner feelings. As well as her perception of things such as smell

“We intend to make the audience feel more than the picture on the screen. Well, you can look passively, but we want you to experience other sensations, such as how Rui would smell her. So we intend to add some effects when we share Akari’s feelings. “

Director Miki said of Your Eyes Tell that it is not just a film that tells the story of love. But it tells the story of forgiveness. Forgiveness of my own guilt That is the seriousness and care that Akari has. Which makes forgiveness at the core of the story That telling the story of adult love is a new challenge for me.


Meet ‘Your Eyes Tell, touch it..Never forget’, a movie that will allow us to experience once again that … how to love others with all your heart… .. get today. In the cinema


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