Your dream of adopting is over; the woman died from Covid-19

A couple from England were going through the process to fulfill one of their most desired dreams, to create a family, and, although they could not achieve it naturally, they decided to give the opportunity to adoption and not to invitro fertilization.

The marriage that made their life in England was very close to completing the process successfully to welcome a child into their lives, but suddenly everything changed, as the wife was infected with Covid-19 and after several complications to the being hospitalized, she died.

It is the husband who made it known that they both wanted to be parents, because his beloved had the dream of becoming a mother and with the hope that this role would have made him incredible, he now hopes to turn the tragic moment around and honor the name of his beloved with a tribute.

“There are so many children who need families and so many people who want to be parents, so it is about educating people that adoption may be their first option, not their only option,” the man revealed.



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