Your chin will fall when you see these graduates in Haskovo! PHOTOS

A strong and attractive start to the week of the balls in Haskovo was set on Saturday night by the high school graduates from the Vocational School of Woodworking and Construction “Tsar Ivan-Assen II”, writes

Beautiful and in good spirits, the young people and their relatives complied with all the requirements and measures imposed by the police for the organization of their entry into Kenana Park and the ballroom, which they set.

The high school graduates from Alumni 2021 of the high school are 122.

Nothing was missing. The princesses were naturally honored, but Lachezar Radoslavov from 12B, who is among the graduating 12th graders, awarded by the school management with Diplomas for raising the prestige of the high school, caught the eye with his attractive appearance, riding a horse.

He was accompanied by his parents – Radoslav and Galina, who shared that they went to their ball in a carriage, so the arrival of their son at the ball on horseback seemed to them an original and crazy idea.

And this ball did not pass without a procession of rockers who brought one of the prom girls on a motorcycle.

Along with the seniors, some of my senders were no less attractive. A high-class sheikh peered out the window of a car sitting next to a 12th grader.

Among the excited relatives, who came to wish the young people good luck in their future elections, was Father Antoniy Enev, who sent his great-grandson Georgi on the ball night.



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