Youp makes fun of WA and copies this joke

“Due to circumstances, our house will suddenly be available next week,” Youp van ‘t Hek begins his cynical joke about the return of King Willem-Alexander and his family to the Netherlands.

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The comedian, who is preparing the New Year’s Eve 2020 conference and probably has good material with the riot surrounding the royal autumn holidays, pokes fun at the recent events surrounding the return of the Orange from Greece.

“Refrigerator already filled for the quick decision maker”, Youp continues through his tweet.

“Boat included, did not have time to fill petrol tank, send a little to RVD.”

Joke copied?

Incidentally, it seems that Youp (on October 17) copied the content of his ‘joke’ from Tim Overdiek (October 16), a former journalist and currently working as a therapeutic coach.

Another person noticed that Youp copied the joke ‘possibly’:

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