Youngest top magistrate in the country Ine Van Wymersch (40) writes the life story of a woman planning euthanasia: “I understand her will to die” | Psycho | Nina

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Jan Vandevyver

As public prosecutor, she is the youngest top magistrate in the country. At home she is the mother of four children. And since this week she is also an author. Ine Van Wymersch (40) wrote If you cradle on quicksand state: the haunting story of a woman on her way to euthanasia. “I’ve often said to myself: ‘Ine, don’t try to save her’.”

Appointment at her home in Overijse. “Sorry, I’m going to be late”, Ine Van Wymersch has already announced on the way. The public prosecutor of Halle-Vilvoorde leads an unpredictable life, but once at her kitchen table, there are certainties: her four children pass in review. A son (10), daughter (12) and almost nine-year-old twins come to ask Mum’s attention, between tennis training and dance class, between school work and pets. “They got rabbits this week”, laughs Ine.

In front of us is a top magistrate with a big mother’s heart. It is precisely this combination that has ensured that she unleashes a book into the world. ‘When your cradle is on quicksand’ is the life story of 53-year-old Elvire (a cover name, ed.). Elvi wants euthanasia for unbearable psychological suffering. She has been left to her own devices since birth. Abused from childhood. Cast away. Raped. Beaten by aggressive men. She becomes homeless due to a divorce, has no income and ends up in a depression, after which the judge assigns her three children to the father: Elvi cannot be a mother and therefore she wants to die. She can only die when she explains in a letter to her children what drives her to euthanasia. That suicide note is a book today.

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