Youngest DPR Member Hillary Asks for TNI Security, These are the Rules Used


The youngest member of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Hillary Brigitta Lasut, admitted asking for assistance in securing the TNI by directly poking the KSAD General TNI Dudung Abdurachman. This is the content of the regulation which is the basis for Brigitta’s request for the security of the TNI.

Hillary explain this request. He is guided by the Minister of Defense Regulation No. 85 of 2014.

“Many people have asked whether it is true that I asked an aide or security assistance from the TNI. It is true, I wrote to the Army Chief of Staff to request security assistance in accordance with Ministerial Regulation No. 85 of 2014,” Hillary said on her Instagram account as quoted on Thursday (2/12/2021) .

What are the contents of the rules?

It is stated in the Ministerial Regulation that TNI soldiers have the ability in the field of special expertise or competence who will carry out assignments or practices outside the Ministry of Defense and TNI institutions based on the needs and requests of government agencies, non-government agencies or independent.

Meanwhile, Article 3 paragraph 1 explains that TNI soldiers who have abilities in the field of expertise or special competencies who will carry out assignments or practices as referred to in Article 2 consist of:

a. aviation professional energy;
b. shipping professional personnel;
c. professional educators;
d. medical professional personnel;
e. the medical profession;
f. pharmaceutical professionals; and
g. psychologist profession.

However, there are conditions that must be met. From superior approval to special competencies.

Article 8
(1) The general requirements as referred to in Article 7 consist of:
a. permitted or approved by the Unit Commander or Head of Work Unit;
b. have special skills or competencies;
c. have experience as a required professional;
d. good behavior while serving in the Ministry of Defense or the TNI; and
e. physically and mentally healthy

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