Younger sister did not want to be associated with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen | NOW

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen broke through in Hollywood at a young age and their younger sister Elizabeth has also been acting successfully for a few years. However, when Elizabeth wanted to start acting, she didn’t want to be associated with Mary-Kate and Ashley.

“I was about ten years old and wanted to see if I could audition. But I soon realized that it was not for me, because I missed my sports teams, dance lessons and extracurricular activities,” says Elizabeth in conversation with the British magazine. Glamour.

She eventually went ahead with it anyway, but took it a little differently. “I think I already understood a little bit what nepotism meant. I don’t know if I knew the word, but I did have a certain association with not earning something that bothered me at a young age,” said the now 32 -year-old actress.

“That’s why I thought: I’ll call myself Elizabeth Chase (her middle name, ed.) When I become an actress.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became known for their roles on the television series in the late 1980s Full House. Later they played in various series and films. In 2006, the two quit acting and launched a fashion label.

Elizabeth made her screen debut in 2011 with the lead role in the thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene.



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