Young woman from Kempense creates her personal agency for graphic design and marketing: transforming burnout into brand success

Caro Beckers gives her life a new turn. The 25-year-old from Laakdal starts her own company Brand Out, a graphic design and marketing agency. “With my agency I want to help other entrepreneurs to be noticed and at the same time I want to be a source of inspiration for young people. It’s never too late to follow your heart. After years of misunderstanding and effacing myself, I finally choose myself one hundred percent.”


Despite her young age, Caro Beckers has already completed quite a journey. “Even in secondary school I was told by teachers that a creative education would not be for me, simply because I was too smart. Naive as I was, I listened to them and studied psychology at university. By dedicating myself full-time to a study that I had no connection with, I was on the borderline with a burnout during my master’s. In addition, my mother passed away. Once I graduated I decided to choose myself for the first time in 23 years. I took extra training in graphic design.”

Caro Beckers put her psychology degree aside and started working as a social media marketer. “I felt misunderstood at that agency. As an ambitious, motivated and enterprising woman, I was told that I was too young for my ambitions. Experience and age were confused with each other. During my studies I already ran a successful web shop, but the creative aspect appealed to me more.”


At 25ste Caro Beckers still dares to take the plunge. “Throughout my study career and work career, only standing in line and job security counted. Being happy and following my passion were taboo. That is why I now took matters into my own hands and started my own graphic design and marketing agency Brand Out. It is now my mission to help other entrepreneurs to follow their passion and to make a difference together. Moreover, I hope to encourage peers to do what they like to do.”

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