Young Snapchat users contrast with squeaky old Facebook

A recent survey indicated that social media users tend to turn to certain apps, with Facebook being a popular option for those 65 and over.

A majority of people under 30 use Snapchat while Facebook is one of two popular social media apps with users over 65, according to a new study. The wide array of social media platforms available means that almost anyone, regardless of age or other demographics, can find an app that’s right for them. From familiar standards like Facebook to more recent additions like TikTok, the decision mostly comes down to interests and how an individual prefers to express themselves.

Social media has been an integral part of society for years now. In the early 2000s, MySpace was the top dog, dethroning its predecessor Friendster. However, its popularity plummeted after its sale in 2005. Facebook, launched in 2004, has taken action. Since then it has continued to grow and expand into new areas, including hardware. For example, the company plans to launch a new smartwatch next year. Twitter entered the scene in 2006 and now has millions of users, including world leaders and celebrities. YouTube followed in 2007 and recently launched a potential competitor to TikTok.

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According to a recent Pew research center survey, a majority of people aged 18 to 29 use Snapchat and Instagram, with 55% of respondents in this age group also using TikTok. In contrast, only 2% of people aged 65 and over reported using Snapchat. Instead, people aged 65 or older tend to turn to Facebook and YouTube. According to the survey. YouTube and Reddit were the only two social media sites to show significant growth since the last survey, in 2019. At the time, 73% of respondents said they used YouTube, which was 81% this time. Likewise, Reddit saw an increase of 11% to 18% over the same period.

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How social media is changing and how it is not

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In fact, it’s not all that surprising that young social media users are turning to apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, due to the level of creativity they offer. For example, all three services come with features that have proven to be popular for creating unique content, including filters and other effects. Meanwhile, social media services like Facebook tend to focus more on communications than expressiveness. In the case of Facebook, it has always proven to be a popular option for keeping in touch with friends and family, as well as for world events.

However, the survey may offer some insight into the direction social media is taking, with the future more likely to be about connecting with others through self-expression than posting simple updates. status day. Regardless of how services like Facebook and Snapchat change and evolve in the future, one thing that seems unlikely to change is the power and impact of social media on its users and society at large.

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Source: Pew Research Center

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