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Young sings the media! Father lost consciousness, took to the hospital when he told no doctor Rescuers did not make it to death, Director Ro explained.

Young man The father lost consciousness and immediately took him to the hospital, it took only 10 minutes when he told me there was no heart pump himself. As if he just woke up, father died, Director Ro explained.

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On February 22, 64 at Temrak Sala 2 Temple, Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province, all children and relatives brought the body of Mr. Saman Phanwilai, aged 58, after his death at Hospital, one of Bang Bua Thong district. Come to make merit The atmosphere is filled with sorrow, Mr. Phakaphong Phanwilai, 23, Mr. Saman’s son revealed to reporters that Previously, the unconscious father had been taken to the hospital in the middle of the night and the security staff reported no doctor. In addition, the nursing staff was not enthusiastic about the treatment, causing his father’s death.

Mr. Phakaphong said that at approximately 5:00 am on February 21 at Father has chest tightness, difficulty breathing. The father understood that it was acid reflux so he gave his aunt aunt to buy an antacid. After my father had eaten, I vomited. Before he lost consciousness, he hurried to go to the hospital, which took no more than 10 minutes because it was close to the house after arriving at the hospital. Help is slower than bringing a stretcher.

He also performed his father’s heart pump for about 10 minutes before two nursing men walked in as if they were awake. Then the male nurse took the pulse. Before starting heart pump Along with bringing Father to the emergency room At that time, I saw that the emergency room was empty, even the fire was not turned on. He looked over to see that his father’s heart pumping officer was there. But I think he could have a device that would stimulate Dad or help him more.

Dad was in the emergency room for about 30 minutes before coming out to tell him that Dad was dead. Likely to have heart disease In fact, Father suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure. And has a history of treatment at the said hospital, which he is confident that if the medical equipment and personnel is more ready, it should save Father’s life And this event would like to ask if it is your relative, would you choose to work as if you did with your father? And leave this event as a reminder, including the management or the director who helped come down to inspect your personnel to bring ready personnel to perform the work.

Later, the reporter traveled to meet with Dr. Kawit Sueman, Ph.D. Bang Bua Thong 2, MD. Dr. Kavit said after hearing the news. Asked the staff who performed the job during that time Knowing that relatives brought the patient in and did not complete resuscitation before death. As for the issue that has the issue of concern, will ask for further investigation. And in the part where relatives informed that the way The hospital doesn’t have that doctor. Not true And the examination showed that when a patient had to be resuscitated Emergency room nurses followed the doctors. Which checks the date and time, the doctor came down to take care of self-resuscitation.

Dr. Kawit continued that usually after office hours there will be a regular doctor. Already has a hospital to support an emergency accident As for this deceased patient He knew that the patient had arrived. The hospital has no pulse. The nurses then started resuscitation and called a doctor to come see. However, there will be some investigation and inspection of CCTV footage and will continue to speak with relatives.

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