Young person has to pay 2500 euros to Haarlem for an incendiary message | Inland

The boy in question called for riots online last week. The municipality ordered him to remove the message and he was no longer allowed to post new incendiary messages. He also had to delete his group account calling for riots.


The youngster refused to cooperate, so Mayor Jos Wienen today imposed a penalty of 2500 euros on him. “The online calls to riots cause unrest and can lead to actual riots on the street,” the mayor said in a statement. “I have imposed this measure in order to suppress this as soon as possible.”

A municipal spokesperson says that this is one of the first times that Haarlem has imposed a penalty on someone who spreads inflammatory messages via social media. “We have previously imposed an order subject to a penalty, but that person has also followed it.” That happened recently, she said. “It’s something we see more and more.”


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