Young people infected with corona virus: ‘I am still very careful’

“I had all the symptoms and called the doctor several times. But they couldn’t test there at the time. Moreover, I was not tested because of my age.” She went into isolation at her father’s house. “For six weeks I had a fever above 38 degrees. I was terribly short of breath, sometimes I couldn’t pull that shortness of breath anymore.”

Eventually she was given antibiotics for the strep throat, “that didn’t help much”. She is still often tired and sometimes has difficulty concentrating, she says.

The government measures against corona are certainly necessary, she says, but: “Of course it will take a long time, so people are more likely to throw their heads at it.” She herself remains careful. “With people I know well, I have loosened up with the rules. But with my grandfather and grandmother in their 80s, I am careful and try to keep my distance. I keep my face mask on people I don’t know. . “


Romy, too active on social media, finds the action of a number of celebrities under the hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee, not a good idea. Many of the celebrities have the call has since been deleted. “People who have a wide reach have a responsibility to young people who look up to them and follow them. If they say something, those followers will take notice.”

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