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Young motorcyclist is murdered after violent robbery in Santiago de Cuba – 2024-03-02 04:28:34

The wave of violent crimes reported in recent weeks in the province of Santiago de Cuba has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon. On this occasion, the murder of another young motorist has been reported, who was the victim of a robbery in which his vehicle was seized.

According to independent journalist Yosmany Mayeta Labrada, the incident occurred during the afternoon of Wednesday, February 28, and the victim was identified as David Montero Mejías, only 23 years old.

The young man, killed in the Segundo Frente municipality, lived in Majagual, and was allegedly intercepted by several unknown individuals who snatched his motorcycle and seriously injured him before abandoning him to his fate.

According to the story of a person close to the young man, he was found alive, but he died shortly after due to the severity of his injuries before he could receive medical attention.

For now, the identity of those responsible is unknown, but it is known that the victim’s body remains in the morgue of the ‘Emilio Bárcenas’ Hospital awaiting the necessary procedures for his burial to take place.

Internet users indicated in the publication that the young man lost his life in the hands of his father, whom they informed after finding him injured on the street. Additionally, they claim that David also had a backpack stolen at the time of the incident.

As expected, the situation generated indignation among users, many of whom complained about the insecurity that seems to have taken over the streets of the province.

“So much violence buried by the Island’s media. The corresponding laws are still not enough”; “They have to do something here, this cannot continue. Santiago has a high level of violence” and “Every day there is a death in Santiago de Cuba. What is happening to this humanity? God protect us all,” were just some of the comments made.

The concern of Internet users is due to the growing number of violent crimes that are reported in the territory. Just last week, the case of a grandmother who was murdered by her ex-partner in the El Caney neighborhood became known.located in the main municipality.

The subject used an ax to murder the woman in front of her grandson, before ending his own life shortly after.

The same way, It was learned of a young man who allegedly murdered his own father over a family dispute. According to witnesses, this was not the first time that the young man tried it, so his father was afraid of him.

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