“Young man arrested for forcing 16-year-old to drink beer: Thaliparamba POCSO case”

Thaliparam – A young man was arrested for forcing a 16-year-old girl whom he met through Instagram and forcing her to drink beer. Valapatnam resident A.M. Shamili (38) was identified as Thaliparamba Inspector A.V. Dinesh arrested in POCSO case.

Taking advantage of the acquaintance made through Instagram, Shamil took the girl on a bike, visited Parasshinikadav snake park and other places, took her to a bar and bought beer and forced her to drink. The complaint is that the disabled girl was taken to another center and subjected to torture.

The incident came to light after an investigation was conducted following a complaint filed by the parents of the girl who had been missing for two days. Shamil was then arrested.

English Summary: 16-yr-old raped by a Valapattanam native

2023-05-29 13:40:04
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