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After months of compulsory Corona break, German ice hockey will be presented to fans again from Thursday. At least on TV. In Krefeld the traditional one takes place until Sunday Germany Cup instead of. After the cancellation of four nations, the senior national team as hosts will deal with Latvia and, at the start, with their own top team Beijing, a U25 perspective selection. And stand with Steven Raabe (19) and Jan Nijenhuis (19) two hopeful young professionals of the Grizzlys Wolfsburg.

“We are all happy to be part of this tournament. I think it’s a huge experience for each of us, ”says Raabe, who comes from Salzgitter. On Thursday (7.30 p.m.), the German Ice Hockey Federation’s talent shed meets the role models from their own country. Actually a clear matter. But: “Neither of these will be very easy games. However, we want to give everything and end Thursday with a win, ”says Raabe boldly.

U25 selection is looking to the final

Hear hear! Even his Wolfsburg team-mate and roommate during the tournament in Krefeld does not want to freeze in awe, despite the greater experience of the opponents. “We want to play the final. Even if we are the underdogs of the tournament, I would say that we have good chances because we are a really good team, ”said Nijenhuis courageously.

The national teams, which are strictly separated from each other on site, accept a lot in order to be able to chase the puck again. “When we arrived,” reports Raabe, “we first had to do a rapid corona test. The result was there after 15 minutes. ” For national coach Toni Söderholm the trip was over. It tested positive and had to leave the bubble immediately. U18 national coach Steffen Ziesche and Bremerhaven’s DEL coach Thomas Popiesch take over for him.

Corona has goalkeeping talent

The perspective team also had a corona case. goalkeeper Mirko Pantkowski (Düsseldorf) was infected with Covid-19. Fortunately, the two Wolfsburgs are virus-free. To keep it that way, strict hygiene rules apply in Krefeld. “The entire team with supervisors is only allowed to stay in the ice rink and in the hotel. We have very strict regulations away from the ice and outside the hotel room. Masks are compulsory everywhere, ”explains Nijenhuis. The U25 team trained once on Tuesday evening and twice on Wednesday and also completed a photo shoot on the second day. Despite the game in the evening, there is another easy session on Thursday morning.

Raabe defended Lukas Reichel, Haakon Hänelt (both Berlin) and Taro Jentzsch (Iserlohn) in training with Niklas Länger (Augsburg) behind the attack line. Nijenhuis is expected to storm alongside Nino Kinder (Berlin) and Florian Elias (Mannheim). As defenders, Nico Appendino (Munich) and John Rogl (Augsburg) belong to his formation.

The future of German ice hockey would like to trip up the present …


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