Young computer wonder Carlo Acutis (who barely turned 15) has been beatified: how is that possible?

To be beatified, the walk of life is of course important. In the case of Acutis, it was clear. But a ‘miracle’ also helps.

A Brazilian child miraculously recovered from a deadly disease in 2013 after praying to Acutis. Enough for the definition of a ‘miracle’ or a ‘miracle’, although the Vatican still has to verify the correctness of the facts. That happened and the stage was set for the ‘beatificatio’, the beatification.

Besides, a miracle is not always necessary. A so-called ‘martyr’ can also be beatified. Francis did this before with a father from El Salvador and two other believers, who were murdered by a death squad.

And is now also a canonization? Maybe yes. If a second miracle can be assigned to an ‘intervention’ by Acutis, that procedure can be set in motion. And then it can go quickly. For example, Pope John Paul II became a saint barely three years after his beatification.

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