You won’t see me on television again

Gabriel Garko was the guest of the episode of Live – It’s not D’Urso broadcast on Sunday 11 October. A way to thank her friend Barbara D’Urso who despite being among the people who have always known the truth about her, has kept confidentiality. The two also made fun of the kiss they shared on the sofa. The actor stated:

“Do you think there is someone who has alluded to the fact that I came out to show me. You were an actress, I am an actor, what I gave you was an actor’s kiss. We are very friends. Many think you are a hyena. I want to dispel this myth. Barbara for me is a friend with a capital A. She has always known everything. She attended us with Gabriele. I have to thank you because you have always maintained our confidentiality ” .

Garko defends himself, he did not outing Gabriele Rossi

After the long interview with Verissimo, Gabriel Garko has been accused of having made out to Gabriele Rossi confirming their relationship, now over. The 48-year-old made an important clarification:There are those who say that I have outed Gabriele, but he authorized me to say his name like everyone I mentioned did. “ Barbara D’Urso revealed: “Today Gabriele wrote to me, with whom you have remained close friends and said: ‘Treat me well‘”. Garko replied amused: “What an idiot“.

Because Gabriel Garko has come out

Gabriel Garko explained why has decided to come out: “I did it on my stomach because I said enough but I hope that one day coming out will no longer be needed. If we were to start talking about everything one does in the bedroom … it’s our own business. He explained that he felt somehow the victim of an injustice. It is certain that if he had revealed his homosexuality, they would not have made him work. Now that he’s come out, he hopes he can continue to be an actor by debunking this myth: I didn’t think it right that I couldn’t be an actor because he was gay. Now I’ll see … if I manage to play the roles I did before despite the coming out, I’ll have dispelled a myth “. Then he joked:Now I’d like to stay behind… the camera, now I have to be careful how I speak (laughs, ed) “.

Gabriel Garko is engaged to Gaetano Salvi

Gabriel Garko is engaged to Gaetano Salvi. The man who stole her heart is twenty-three and works at the airport. As the actor explained, his partner is not at all interested in spotlight lights. Garko wanted to keep their relationship confidential for the time being, but the paparazzi pinched them together: “The paparazzi caught us, I didn’t notice. He took it well, he doesn’t care about notoriety. He is indifferent and I hope he does not change “.

Garko announces that he will no longer go on television

Gabriel Garko then confronted the five spheres. Among the “spheres” also Platinette who remarked that this is the third transmission in which Garko goes to talk about his coming out: “How long does it have to last?”. Barbara D’Urso defended him: “He came here because I’m a friend, not to do the third episode of coming out”. Gabriel Garko then made it clear that he has no intention of continuing to go on television. Tonight’s was the last one hosted:

“For me it was not something studied at the table, nor to advertise myself because I don’t give a damn so much that from tonight you will no longer see me on television. The first night I went on television because I saw a person in difficulty, Adua, who kept telling things that no longer fit me. I didn’t want to talk about our history anymore. I found myself forced to go to the GF. I asked her not to carry on that little trick. “

Before concluding the debate, he replied to Patrizia Groppelli that she accused him of using the women he was pretending to be engaged to. Gabriel Garko clarified: I have never used any women. Eva and I agreed. We lived together for eight years, but we still had a relationship in another way. Which is quite different. Adua and I did only the covers, we didn’t even see each other. She lived her life and I lived mine. We agreed so. It’s all fake for the system to work. ”

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