You will only be a villain in ‘Home’, actors testify: “I…

The tension rises, the denouement draws near. Will Jacques Pieters, played by Peter Van De Velde, be clicked or not? And what about the hostage Judith? Possibly the season finale of ‘Home’ will possibly answer those questions Friday night. But quite a few iconic villains preceded Jacques. How did Myriam Bronzwaar, Hans De Munter, Mark Willems and Jan Schepens experience their villainous role?

Julia Van Capelle

• Played by Myriam Bronzwaar (55)

• 2007-2018

On her tally: 2 murders (Cois and Marieke, a sex worker for the needy Luc Bomans), kidnapping of Waldek and Simonne, several …


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