you will be able to watch your favorite programs in accelerated or slow motion

Notice to all TV series addicts who finish their favorite programs faster than their shadows: you will now be able binge-watcher even more quickly the series that you like sure Netflix.

American media The Verge reports that users of the video on demand platform will be able to watch their content in x1.25 or x1.5 time-lapse. For those who would rather slow down the pace a bit, for example to switch to a foreign language, this will also be possible. The American giant will offer to view in 0.5x or 0.75x. This new feature can also be used on content downloaded by users.

For starters, this new feature will only be available to users of the Netflix app on Android.. It is already available in the United States and should be deployed worldwide in the coming weeks, says The Verge. The option is already available on YouTube, where users can choose to watch their video between 0.25x and 2x normal speed.

A criticized feature

Netflix has been testing this feature since 2019. But the announcement of this new option was not unanimous. The video platform had attracted the lightning of American actors and producers, who accused it of distorting works by changing their reading speed. Last October, the actor Jude Law, recently seen in Fantastic Beasts, had tweeted: ” This is not how it works. Distributors don’t have to change the way content is presented. Doing so is a breach of trust and will not be tolerated by the people who create it. »

To try to reassure the creators a little, and to ensure that the works are not altered, Netflix at the same time as this new viewing option deploys new features. In particular, it will correct the pitch of the actors’ voices, so that they remain natural. ” We are aware of the concerns of certain creators “, Indicated a spokesperson for Netflix to the American media. So, to prevent addicts to series, films and other documentaries from watching everything accidentally sped up, you will have to select, for each program or episode of the same series, the speed at which you want to watch your programs.

But, according to Keela Robison, vice president of product innovation at Netflix, whose words are reported by The Verge: “ This feature has been in high demand by our members for years. Most importantly, our tests show that our customers like the flexibility it allows, whether it’s to rewatch their favorite scene, or slow down the action because they’re watching with closed captions or they have hearing problems ».

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