You should now see these bizarre films during the online festival Imagine | Podcast

From MovieInsiders first discuss in more detail the opening film of the festival: the dystopian thriller New Order from Mexico. What if a revolution suddenly breaks out during your wedding outside your door? Then an interview with festival director Chris Oosterom who explains the purpose of Imagine now actually is and how the horror genre has developed in recent years. In the third act, Gudo and John go over some of the titles they already saw, including the sardonic Anything for Jackson about an elderly couple who worship Satan, Possessor about an organization that deals in brain implants and the documentary Alien On Stage about an amateur theater group that makes Ridley’s Scotts science fiction classic Alien want to perform on stage.

MovieInsiders has been the film podcast in the Netherlands for some 13 years now. Listen to new and old episodes via this site (see the playlist below) or check the weekly show on audio platforms as Spotify in Apple Podcasts.

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00:00 Introduction
04:21 Review: New order / New Order
17:15 Interview with Imaginedirector Chris Oosterom
34:17 Review: Alien on Stage, Anything for Jackson, Possessor, Blood Conscious
54:23 Looking forward

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