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SOLOPOS.COM – Signs WA has been hijacked (Infocomputers), SOLO — you need to be alert, WhatsApp application or WA can be intercepted even though it is equipped with end-to-end encryption features. To find out, this is a sign that WA has been hijacked.

With current technological advances, the WA application can also be used on mobile phones computer hardware with the WhastApp Web by scanning the QR Code.

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Even a number of sites also provide a WhatsApp clone application for Android and IOS devices. This adds to the vulnerability of WA being hijacked.

To find out whether your Whatsapp application has been hijacked or not, here are the hijacked WA signs that were collected by from Infocomputer and

WA account suddenly logged out.

A WhatsApp account that suddenly exits or logs out is a sign that WA has been hijacked because WhatsApp accounts cannot be used on two smartphones at the same time.

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Moreover, there is an SMS containing information on the One Time Password (OTP) code. The OTP code is indeed needed when a user wants to log in or log into a WhatsApp account in a new application.

Message Sent Not User

You have to check whether in the user’s message list there are messages sent without the user’s knowledge or not the user who sent them.

Message Read or blue tick

If there is an unread message but it already has a blue punctuation mark or it is read even though the user has not opened it, this is a sign that WA has been hijacked. Alert!

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WA online though off

If your WhatsApp account status is online, even though you are not active, it is a sign that your WhatsApp is being hijacked.

WhatsApp Web is suddenly active

A sign that WA has been hijacked is WhatsApp Web which is suddenly active. How to check, users only need to click the three-dot icon at the top right then select WhatsApp Web. If the user does not want to actively use WhatsApp Web, immediately click log out or exit.

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