You should definitely know these Fitfluencers!

01/13/2021 8:00 p.m.

The new year has arrived, the time of good intentions. But especially the sports intent is a problem for many – especially because of the lockdown. But not for long: Here are the best Fitfluencers for the motivated and lazy!

Everyone is aware that Pamela Reif is the goddess among the fitfluencers of this world. With her dream body, the huge selection of workouts and her personable manner, the blonde has over five million fans worldwide on YouTube, and almost seven million on Instagram! But of course the 24-year-old is far from the only Fitfluencer out there, and here you will meet a few others!

Emi Wong: Effective workouts for the lazy

YouTuber Emi Wong is a Chinese personal trainer. The young woman shares new videos about twice a week. Most of them are workout videos, but every now and then there are vlogs and private items from Emi and her husband and the dogs. All videos are in English.

Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by emi wong (@emiwong_)

In addition to normal home workouts like those offered by Pamela, Emi has something very special for the lazy: workouts that can be done very easily in bed! Many find absolute madness when you look at the clicks. While her normal workout videos get an average of 400,000 to 600,000 clicks, Emi’s bed workouts all have over a million clicks, her abdominal muscle bed workout even counts an incredible 5.6 million clicks!

Chloe Ting: The Fastest Results Ever!

From distant Australia she brings us the workouts home: Chloe Ting! The 34-year-old has been a Fitfluencer on YouTube since 2017 and now has a solid fan base of 17 million followers, far more than her colleague Pamela. In addition to the workouts, her channel also features “What I eat for […]“Videos and the occasional bullshit videos.

Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by Chloe Ting (@chloe_t)

Chloe gained notoriety in 2019 when two of her videos, a two-week weight loss challenge and a two-week abs challenge, went viral. The two videos add up to over 400 million clicks! Especially during the global lockdowns, these two challenges went viral again, this time on TikTok under the hashtag “chloetingchallenge”, under which users shared their results. And even after two weeks they are so incredible that you almost want to try it yourself to see if it really works.

Simon Teichmann: The most active fitfluencer

To throw a gentleman into the room: Simon Teichmann is a German Fitfluencer in the Muckibude category par excellence. With his insane body, he attracts everyone’s attention. He has been in the YouTube business for ten years and currently has almost 400,000 subscribers.

Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by Simon Teichmann (@simonteichmann_bodyip)

It never gets boring with Simon: the sports fanatic uploads four (!) Videos every week that deal with fitness, nutrition, knowledge, lifestyle and supplements, i.e. dietary supplements. Not that long ago, a very honest video went up in which Simon describes his binge eating disorder, in good German food addiction. Hard to imagine with the figure. But if you look at Simon’s training plan, it’s understandable that you can hardly see it with so much sport.

Coach Stef: How to get kids involved in the workout

Another German Fitfluencer gives tips, tricks and workouts under the name of Coach Stef. The tattooed blond boy already has 206,000 followers on his channel and impresses with his muscles every time!

Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by Coach Stef (@coachstef_)

The special thing about Stefs Channel is that he not only uploads workout videos, but also food diaries, tips on posture and technique. He also explains about weight loss myths and the like. Also, he recently uploaded a workout video with his son which is really cute!

BodyKiss: lawyer with charm!

Behind the fitness channel “BodyKiss” is the lawyer Anne Kissner, who brings her fitness and health tips to her more than 600,000 subscribers. The pretty brunette also deals with diet myths and topics related to being a woman.

Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by Anne Kissner? BodyKiss (@anne_bodykiss)

About three times a week there are new videos from Anne, especially her home workout series was really well received by followers. At the moment she often publishes videos with her partner Daniel as part of the “living room workout week”. Her video on the topic of workout with Hula Hoop is particularly popular, because Hula Hoop is THE fitness trend of 2021! (AKo)

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