You must know! Here are 6 theories for the formation of the universe, including the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago

JOURNAL SOREANG – Formation universe is still a mystery, the certainty of the process is still being discussed and many various kinds have emerged theory.

Unfortunately, human knowledge is still not able to really get to that stage, intelligence and scientific development are only limited theory mere.

The universe itself is a term used by experts and refers to space that includes all the heavenly bodies as well as billions of galaxies.

The universe has existed before humans as the last creature created by God.

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Humans themselves are in the Milky Way galaxy and the sun is the center of its rotation, not only the earth is there too planetplanet other.

Quoted from the Soreang Journal from the Jenius Youtube channel, here are 6 theory formation universe :

1. Steady-State Theory atau theory fixed condition

The theory of fixed states is based on the principle of perfect cosmology, this principle states that universe under any circumstances where or when always in the same state.



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