You have to talk to children, check their belongings: Adams

The Mayor and Chancellor of Education returned with NYPD officials to their headquarters to remind them that flags are flown at half-staff today for shattered families in Uvalde, but also to warn that the next mass shooting at a school could be anywhere. including New York.

The head of the Department of Education said that New York has been lucky to house one million 100 thousand students without having registered a mass shooting like the one that occurred in Texas or ten years ago in Connecticut, highlighting that all schools have trained personnel to provide support psychological to students or parents who require it.

Last week, 2 pistols with 18 bullets were recovered and a 13-year-old boy was discovered in possession of another loaded semi-automatic weapon in his backpack.

Although those in charge of security in the classrooms will continue to be school guards and in the streets and public transport system the NYPD, Adams invited parents to mobilize in an alliance to protect our children, talking with them and reviewing their belongings.

It’s about stemming the many torrents that are flowing weapons into our communities.

“I can only imagine what it is like to lose a son, to receive that call that he was killed in a mass shooting,” the mayor said in a message on social networks.

“Right now we need more than thoughts and prayers,” he added.

As the city coordinates with the Transportation Security Administration to acquire state-of-the-art technology, current metal detectors in schools have detected 5,546 dangerous instruments seized this school year, including firearms.

The NYPD recorded 30% fewer shootings in April and an additional 30% drop in May.

Finally, Adams said that in “the City of Law and Order we need,” one change he will ask social media administrators to do is block violent content, in a small step toward changing the part of urban culture that celebrates aggressiveness, criminality. and that he said continues to ‘indoctrinate’ minors.

The Minister of Education posted a message on social networks where he talks about the role of communities in the safety of children.

“It’s crystal clear: It’s more important than ever that we do everything we can to keep our youngest New Yorkers safe and secure. That vital work begins when our communities, our friends and neighbors come together to support one another and keep our city safe.” “said Chancellor Banks.


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