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“You have to be careful,” warns Marc Van Ranst


This Monday, Sciensano updated its data on the coronavirus. According to the latest figures, the daily average number of new infections is 90.3 for the past 7 days. An average increasing for several days. Invited on the set of Radio 1, Marc Van Ranst showed concern over these figures. “You have to be careful,” warns the virologist. “We have seen a slight increase over the past five days. The number of new infections continues to increase slightly and we risk falling asleep. We can say each time that it is only a small increase, but on the whole, the figures are actually going up, ”he explains.

According to the virologist, this increase is not surprising. “People are paying less attention to measurements and life is progressing more and more normally. It’s normal and human, but it’s wreaking havoc. We must be careful “. Nor is he surprised by the fact that young people are more affected. “Their exams are over, they see themselves more and travel more.”

Marc Van Ranst nevertheless qualified his warning with more reassuring figures. “Fortunately, we are not seeing an increase in the number of hospital admissions. Although it will also increase if the contaminations continue to progress ”. Since Saturday, wearing a mask is compulsory in shops and other covered public places. The virologist adds that, for the moment, there is no need to tighten other measures. “But we have to be very vigilant. The measures in place simply need to be better monitored. ”



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