You Have Problems with Being Overweight, These 8 Foods Can Overcome It, Anything?

You Are Having Advantage Problems Body weight, 8 Food This Can Overcome It, Anything?

POS-KUPANG.COM–If you are trying to lose excess weight or maintain a healthy weight, you may tend to avoid high-fat foods.

Throughout life, we are taught to view fat as the enemy of health, and to minimize fat intake, whether we are struggling to lose weight or not.

Of course, if you continue to eat junk food that contains hydrogenated vegetable fats during your diet, your diet is likely to fail.

Not to mention, other health problems at risk arise.

Over the years, fat has been linked to everything from bad things, from cardiovascular disease and cancer to hypertension and diabetes.

Thus, even if you eat as much as you want without gaining weight, a high-fat diet can still damage blood vessels and organs.

However, a healthy diet must contain fat.

“Don’t be afraid of getting fat,” says Susie Rucker, a nutritional therapist at Body With Soul.

“This is important for our health. It helps the body absorb vitamins such as A, D, E and K, helps in hormone production, keeps our skin looking good, keeps us full and regulates our appetite, destroys food cravings, and increases body fat burning ability, ”says Rucker.

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