You have finally been given the opportunity to see things in a different light! Horoscope from September 22 to October 5

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Important conversations will take place and relationships will form, which will allow you to catch your breath, relax and be at peace to return to those tasks and work tasks that have remained unfinished. It can be difficult to be honest with your partner or loved one, especially if there has been a conflict. Try to overcome the inability to speak openly. Take a vacation, use those off days and weekends to take care of your mental well-being, and ask yourself what you want to do next in life. No one else should make decisions for you and this is a good opportunity for the inner dialogue you need to understand your next step.



Autumn will remind you of the physical limitations and dissatisfaction you have felt for a long time. You need to take care of yourself, your daily routine and your body if you want to get the results you want in life, even if it doesn’t seem like a priority right now. Once you focus on your body’s wellbeing, the world will seem easier to accept and manage. Get enough sleep and take every moment you can to enjoy the joys of everyday life and work on your inner emotional states. You are responsible for how you do it.


This is not a good time to experience things you don’t know enough about, especially if they involve peer pressure. Put yourself first by adding value to the work you do and the relationships you build. It will be difficult for you to talk about your emotions, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to fix what’s been damaged and openly discuss your inner desires. If someone is blatantly ignoring you and not listening to you, they shouldn’t be in your inner circle.


This time it will show you the light at the end of the tunnel and give you time to change your perspective on what is truly valuable in your life and what is not. Some mistakes may have already been made, others are still possible, but it’s only human, and right now you can forgive yourself and let go of what didn’t happen and move on in life with a clear conscience. Everyday life can be shaken by family problems. It can be impossible to control other people, their actions. But you can always keep them at a healthy distance from you.


You have finally been given the opportunity to see things in a different light, and this may be the perfect time to start a new romance or to go in a whole new direction professionally, doing things that motivate you. Days will go by, making you worry about opportunities you may have missed. But it is not worth staying long in this stress, letting go of what can no longer be changed. Don’t let toxic people ruin your mood or your day.


What you value may appear in a completely different light to someone close to you and may not align with their value system, which they will point out to you very openly. In turn, it will teach you to stick to what you feel is right for you. If you give up what is important to you because of someone else’s wishes, you will feel miserable. Some people may let you down, but anger won’t solve the problems. If you feel you are not being heard or seen for who you really are, talk to those who understand your position best.


This may be a good time to implement certain ideas and wishes. However, it will not be easy for you to be direct and completely honest with yourself and others. Anger will escalate easily and quickly, and a person hurt by your emotions can cause a lot of problems, so check yourself. Feel the boundaries and respect them. Notice the good and all that went well, be open and happy. True support will come to you if you take responsibility for how you relate to the people in your life.


Although you feel the tension build up, you find it difficult to accept certain empty or superficial events and statements from the people around you. This is a very difficult time to communicate with others because you will see all the flaws and injustice. Strengthen: Walk, exercise, and keep moving. Movement will help clear your mind and create a healthy routine that will help you a lot in the coming months.


Maintain your dignity regardless of the challenges you face. You must understand that your inner honesty and truth must always remain unwavering, no matter how much the person you meet chooses to hide or lie. It is up to you to determine the pace of your life and what kind of people you approach. This time around it can lead to a lot of reflections on how the people really close to you really understand you.


Small pleasures will bring satisfaction. You will find the greatest joy in the workplace and in productive, result-oriented, non-burdensome relationships. With a hands-on approach, you will find like-minded people who will support you and get your support. Talk less and focus more on specific goals and things to accomplish. The material world and your body need stability, not through mental effort, but through constructive work, a routine that will help you feel good.


The balance between work and free time, between routine and free time, seems to be the center of attention right now, and there is always a golden means to find joy in the simple things in life. While you won’t be able to rely on anyone else, you can always rely on yourself, your senses and your sharp mind. Your inner compass will show you the right path if you only look in the right direction and put aside the problems of the past that no longer concern you on a daily basis.



Some ideals are more difficult to achieve than others. Don’t be too aggressive and hard on yourself if you haven’t achieved some of the successes you wanted. You have to be kind to yourself. Being busy and not being able to pay attention to someone you love is not going to be the best solution, you need to evaluate your priorities. A healthy relationship requires effort on both sides, and if balance is not there, you will feel miserable. Be your best friend and support your emotional well-being before focusing on other people.


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