“You have a strong sexual desire, so you have to relax with your dad”… The beast raped 11 years of stepdaughter

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The appeal of the stepfather and mother, who raped her for 11 years, was dismissed by assaulting and threatening her daughter to prevent rebellion.

The first criminal division of the Busan High Court Changwon Tribunal (Judge Jin-seok Kim) dismissed the appeal of Mr. Park Mo (52), who was sentenced to 25 years in prison by the court below for 11 charges including special quasi-rape, kinship-based rape, and rape of an adult under the age of 13. It was revealed on the 2nd.

In addition, he maintained 12 years of imprisonment on his mother, Kang Mo, 53, who committed a crime with Park.

In June 2006, Mr. Park sexually harassed Mr. A’s daughter A (at the time, 9 years old) by touching a part of his body, saying, “Dad can touch his daughter’s body.”

In 2007, she raped Ms. A while her mother was watching. After that, he continued the crime, saying, “Because you have a strong sexual desire, you have to break your sexual desire with your father.” Around the age of 13, around 2009, my mother and stepfather raped together.

Ms. A stated during the trial that she could only go out and receive pocket money only if she did this. “Otherwise, I didn’t think I could endure.”

Even after becoming a university student in 2015, sexual assault continued, and in 2016, she even had abortion surgery. Afterwards, with the help of acquaintances around her, she decided to find her own life and found an investigation agency.

At the trial, the stepfather refuted that “I only had sex under an agreement.” However, the court did not accept all of these parents’ claims.

The court of the first trial rebuked, “Despite the duty and responsibility to protect and nurture Mr. A so that he can grow up properly as a protector, he forsook this duty and committed the crime against humanity.”

But stepfather and mother appealed. They claimed that they did not engage in acts such as harassment or adultery using the victim’s psychological inability to protest, but claimed that the victim had sexual relations by agreement about 6 to 7 times after becoming an adult.

Accordingly, the Court of Appeals said, “The victim is belatedly aware that the victim has suffered sexual assault, and he He said, “I went through extreme pain of being denied all over again.”

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