You got the “second worst message you can get” about your kids: NRK Vestland

– Thank God I won’t go to court. I was most likely flying towards him, the father of two tells NRK.

Today the process begins there A 28-year-old was reported for rape against three girls and sexual acts against five other girls. The man was employed as after-school care at two schools in Bergen and the attack should have occurred in the period 2020 and 2021.

The girls were aged between 6 and 8 years.

The defendant will deny criminal liability at the outset of the case.

The principal has lost his job

The principal of a school he was sacked by the municipality of Bergen this winter. It went no further with man alert reports in spring 2021.

“Failure to report potentially serious crimes to your manager generally appears to be a serious breach of your employment contract with the municipality of Bergen,” reports BT from a letter from the municipality to the rector.

About six months later, the after-school assistant was arrested by the police.

HORDALAND DISTRICT COURT: There were seven days in court in the serious assault case.

Photo: Simon Skjelvik Brandseth / NRK

I’ve never been so angry

The father-of-two, who meets NRK, was at work when the phone rang in November 2021. From the only contact teacher, he received what he describes as the “second worst message you can get” about his children.

– I still remember what I felt in the air. It was like someone had grabbed everything in my stomach and pulled it to the ground. Followed by overwhelming anger. I’ve never been so angry in my life, says the man.

The eldest daughter (10) then went, together with two other girls, to the infirmary and told him about it.

– I’m so incredibly proud that he had the courage to do it. And it may have prevented new abuses. It’s more courage than I could ever wish for myself, says the father.

– We felt like shitty parents

In the end, even the youngest daughter (8) was able to tell what she had experienced. The man is accused of rape against his eldest daughter and sexual acts against his younger daughter.

The father says that during the 2020/21 school year it suddenly became difficult to convince girls to want to go to school. The eldest daughter in particular had a lot of stomach pain and they too went to the doctor to try and find out.

But the school’s response was, according to the father, that “there must be something in the house.” He feels that the blame has been placed on them. When he learned that the school principal, six months before his daughter went to the nurse, was informed of the after-school assistant without pursuing the case furtherhe was furious.

– We noticed that something was wrong with both girls, but we didn’t understand why. They made us feel like shitty parents, but then the principal was warned. Furious is a mild description of how I felt when I found out, says the father.

School counselor Linn Katrin Pilskog (AP) says it hurts to hear the family is being welcomed in this way.

– This is not how it should be. We must do everything we can to prevent, detect and prevent abuse against children and young people. It’s high on my agenda to ensure that those who work in kindergartens and schools know what to do if something happens or if someone reports it, says Pilskog.

City council for kindergartens, schools and sports Linn Katrin Pilskog (Ap)

SCHOOL COUNCIL: Linn Katrin Pilskog (Ap).

Photo: Municipality of Bergen

He will complain

The carabinieri investigated the head teacher for violating the notification obligation, because he did not notify further when the first reports arrived.

In early November, the case was dropped due to the state of the evidence. Police lawyer Farzad Izadi tells NRK that so far no one has complained that the case has been dropped.

The father of two whom NRK meets, however, has decided to file a complaint with the state prosecutor’s office.

– This is the most serious breach of trust that can be committed and it cannot go unpunished. We need to be able to trust that the people who are supposed to take care of children actually do. It’s not enough to be fired.

NRK contacted the rector in question by telephone and text message, without receiving a reply.

In a letter to the City at the time he lost his job, he allegedly defended himself by saying that the information received was considered a “non-infringement” and that there were also others who believed that the complaint of disturbance should not be reported to the police, write BT.

Erik Johan Mjelde

DEFENSE: Attorney Erik Johan Mjelde says his client will deny criminal liability when the case starts in court.

Photo: Leif Rune Løland / NRK

– Not sexually motivated

Attorney Erik Johan Mjelde is defending the accused 28-year-old.

She says the man will admit in court that he touched the children, but that it happened in situations of play and comfort.

– He admits that he has had all the babies on his lap, stroked them on the outside of the cloth, lifted them and been in places that are unfortunate and can be misunderstood, says Mjelde.

But the man denies that these actions were sexually motivated.

On the contrary, the man believes it falls within his duties as a caregiver, according to the defendant.

The man even admits in one case that he stroked a child inside his clothes, but that he wasn’t even sexually motivated. The grosser debts, however, he denies having occurred.

The defender will also inform the court that the carabinieri did not find abusive material on the seized cellphones or computers. Furthermore, the man himself did not apply for the after-school job, but was named as an apprentice.

– Prosecutors believe they can prove the man sexually assaulted eight children. The investigation was thorough, many children were interviewed, as were other school employees, says police attorney and prosecutor in the case, Lillian Anderson Kleppe.

Lillian Anderson Kleppe

PROSECUTOR: Police attorney Lillian Anderson Kleppe will prosecute the case for the prosecution.

Photo: Synne Lykkebø Hafsaas / NRK

Request action

Since November 2021, the family with the two offended girls has been trying to resume normal working hours. He’s getting better, day by day.

– Girls don’t feel safe in school, but safer. The contact teacher and the new principal are doing a fantastic job, says the father.

However he is very angry and frustrated with the situation his daughters have been seen in. The case of abuse after school stands alone one of several cases of abuse in schools and kindergartens in Bergen over the past year.

– I have almost zero faith in the municipality. It is time for an overhaul of routines and tougher assessments of who is nominated in schools. Lives are being destroyed and the municipality does not have enough control, says the father.

Over the past year, her girls have received a good following and good tools from the Children’s Home.

– To see the change in children who had simply become a shell of themselves, to see them slowly return to themselves, is incredibly beautiful. I see they both have twinkle in their eyes. We have a long way to go, but we celebrate the small victories.

The municipality: – Makes a strong impression

Frode Nilsen is director of the agency for schools in the municipality of Bergen.

– It makes a strong impression to hear how such cases happen to children and their families. It’s not hard to see that this family has lost faith in the municipality, Nilsen tells NRK.

The agency is now working to strengthen employees’ competence to monitor and take action if they suspect something is wrong.

– This should make employees more confident in recognizing signs that children may have been exposed to something else by adults or other children, and be confident in taking action when they have such a suspicion.

Read the entire response to the director of the agency:

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