You can’t just do sports, this is the best physical exercise to overcome obesity – Obesity is a condition of excess weight and fat accumulation that can interfere with health.

Obesity can cause metabolic, mechanical, and mental disorders such as sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety, asthma, fatty liver, gallstones, lower back pain, coronary heart disease, diabetes, gout, and infertility.

In addition to diet, being physically active can certainly prevent overweight and obesity obesity. However, certain forms of exercise may have a greater impact on body composition.

“What is recommended is moderate intensity and about 40 minutes,” said a sports medicine specialist, dr. Anita Suryani, Sp.KO in a webinar held by Novo Nordisk Indonesia, Wednesday (30/3/2022).

At a minimum, physical activity can be done for 30 minutes every day or 150 minutes per week. One of the physical activities that can be an option is to walk at least 10,000 steps per day.

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Physical exercise for people with obesity

Physical exercise is adjusted to the maximum pulse rate according to age, then gradually increased. Obese people can follow the principles of good, correct, regular, and measurable exercise.

Types of physical exercise that can be done include:

  • Aerobics, such as cycling, jogging, swimming, and golf
  • Anaerobic, such as breathing exercises, karate, high jump, and weight lifting, with a frequency of 3-5 times a week and a duration of 40-60 minutes.

Anita emphasized that exercise for obese patients is different from normal weight people, and must be right on target.

“Exercise obesity is to reduce fat mass,” he said.

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Exercise for obese patients, continued Anita, is not heavy or high-intensity which makes the perpetrators lack of oxygen or gasping for air.

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