You can’t count the star actor’s partners on the fingers of both hands –

Leonardo DiCaprio (47) is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood, it’s no wonder that the star of the new Netflix film Watch the Earth! he has a nice line of beautiful partners. The Oscar winner had, for example, romances with Eva Herzig, Gisele Bündchen or Blake Lively. But the list of DiCaprio’s partners is much longer.

The first woman in public to date a young man at the time Leonard DiCaprio, was according to the portal Evening Standard in the 90s Brittany Daniel. Viewers can remember this, for example, from the series Sweet Valley or Dawson’s world. Together in 1995, she edited her role in the sports film Rváčův deník. But their relationship didn’t last long, after which the rising star found a new partner, also an actress, Kristen Zang, with whom DiCaprio dated for two years.

In the late 1990s and early 20th century, DiCaprio was in touch with a number of elite models. She was one of them, for example Amber Valletta, which the actor allegedly searched for after noticing her in a magazine, or perhaps Eva Herzigová. But the most famous of the models who ever dated the divine DiCaprio is Gisele Bundchen. He was even with her for five long years.

The couple’s separation was said to be friendly, with conflicting plans and different careers to blame. “Six months spent in a place or in Morocco or a similar place is not the best thing for a relationship. Part of your life is suspended when you make movies. Everything, whether personal relationships or friendships, is postponed when you disappear for five or six months from all you know. “ DiCaprio told Esquire magazine in the past.

Flirt with Rihanna

Gisele was followed by another long relationship, this time with Bar Refaeli. The actor formed a couple with an Israeli model from 2005 to 2011. After their breakup, DiCaprio rolled her eyes again among her fellow actors, and so she began an affair with Blake Lively, the actor ‘s current partner Ryana Reynoldse. But after five months, they stopped seeing each other and DiCaprio, according to the magazine She returned to the models.

He gradually came into contact with Madalina Ghene, Erin Heatherton, Toni Garrn and star Sports Illustrated Kelly Rohrbach. It has even been speculated that he started with a famous singer Rihanna, but it remained only with the whispering, which was never confirmed. DiCaprio has been dating an actress for several years now Camilou Morrone. Looking at the list of previous partners, however, it is difficult to say whether she will be the chosen one.

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