You can now save some major dough on the M1 iPad Air 2022

An Apple iPad Air 2022 It has the same chip as last year’s iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, and is currently on sale at Best Buy at nearly 20% off.
The iPod Air It’s the logical choice for anyone who needs a laptop-like tablet without the bottom-punch holes of the iPad Pro and the expensive bells and whistles of the iPad Pro.

It is powered by the M1 and is the cheapest entry point into the M chip series. The processor is blazingly fast and handles even the most demanding tasks with ease.

The iPad Air 2022 The aluminum back features a modern design with tapered edges and flat sides. It offers a 10.9-inch display, all-day battery life, and a dual speaker system.

Instead of the Face ID system, the iPad Air has a more reliable side-mounted fingerprint scanner. The tablet has a 12MP rear camera and a 12MP ultra-wide front camera with center scene function.

The device is compatible with older Apple accessories and will be supported for years, which cannot be said about most Android tablets.

It also supports Universal Control, which lets you use a single mouse and keyboard between your Mac and iPad, as well as Sidecar, which lets you use your tablet as a second display for your Mac.

Essentially, the iPad Air is a (sort of) cheaper version of the iPad Pro, and totally worth considering if you don’t want cool features like the ProMotion display, which are pretty useless when you’re looking at static text or watching videos. Face ID and LIDAR sensor.

The 64GB Wi-Fi model, which normally costs $599.99, is currently $100 and can be yours for $499.99. This is a very nice discount for a device that truly strikes a perfect balance between price, features, portability and performance.

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